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Thursday 15 August 2013


It seems that a lady vicar, the Reverand Alice Goodman, has been driving around in a car bearing the legend, 'WTFWJD'. As far as I can gather it stands for: 'What the f... would Jesus do?'
It is said she did it through despair of the world we live in today and if nothing else, has provoked much debate amongst the theological chattering classes.
I wonder if the good vicar, Alice, is one of millions of people, including clergy, who want to believe in a Loving, Merciful God but despair because they can see no sign of Him, or Her, here on earth.

So, to answer her question, what would Jesus say if he was alive today? It might go something like this:

'Of course things were much different then but nevertheless challenging. We had no Islam in my time, that would come much later, but we still had people with polytheist beliefs. War and famine abounded with great social inequality in a world frought with corruption and evil. To tackle the problems my fiends and I were the first to employ spin in getting our message across but as you can see with dwindling attendences in first world churches, we are losing the battle. Of course, in third world countries, where education is poor, people still cling on to the hope of something better but they will learn in time.
Nowadays we are better informed but the same problems persist. In my time we only had the scriptures to guide us but in the twenty first century, there is so much more. There was only so much one could do interpreting what had been said and prophesied by the ancients. People today are still asking the same questions and one must ask why have they not been addressed? If the God of Abraham truly existed why are we still suffering the same problems of war and famine? If the God of Abraham truly existed why did the holocaust happen? If the God of Abraham truly existed why were priests allowed to sodamise young boys and the Bishops cover up the evil? Why, if the God of Abraham truly exists, are Gaza, Syria and Egypt the way they are?
What does it take to make you people of all faiths admit: prayers go unanswered, problems persist, evil abounds? What does it take to convince you that the Abrahamic religions are just not working?
If you want my advice it is this. To seek not the answers from some imaginary divination but to trust in the humanity of man. There are those amongst you who are pure in heart and do good works. Listen to them and follow their message of brotherhood. Believe in the message of the prophets and do unto others what you hope they would do for you. Oh! And one more thing. Open up your churches, mosques and synagogues to everyone for the glory, not of a God, but of mankind; after all, man built them. It is within you all to make the world a better place for all its inhabitants.
That's it. We must go. Mary (magdalena) and I have to pick up the children from school. I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help. Bye'

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