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Thursday 5 September 2013

Manners in the mobile device age

A new report has warned that good manners are being sacrificed in the mobile phone age as people lose the habit of social interaction.
Yesterday, I watched some of a debate from the House of Commons. On the floor of the House  a Socialist motion about falling living standards suffered by the lower and middle classes was being discussed. A laudable subject for debate you might ask and one relevant to many of the constituents of the honourable and right honourable Members?
There were no Lib-Dems in the chamber and only three Tories, one of whom, according to the lady Labour speaker, was asleep. If that wasn't bad enough, the camera covered the Socialist side of the house, populated mostly by women but almost all of whom were toying with their mobile phones.
What did these people do before the mobile device age? You'd hope that they'd listen to the debate!!

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