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Friday 1 November 2013

Christianity and the Judicial System

Christians are complaining that their faith is being sidelined in all aspects of British life.
This tendency was highlighted this week in a speech by Sir James Munby, the senior judge and President of the Family Division of the High Court, who spoke about Christianity’s decline as an influence in the judicial system.
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Well forgive me but what the Christians are claiming, that their religion, as an offshoot of judaism, was responsible for founding the principles upon which jurisprudence and therfore all of British justice is based, is a load of bollocks. It does not take a genius to work out that when one establishes a blueprint for the proper code of conduct in newly civilized societies that one begins, thou shall not kill; thou shall not steal etc. It is common sense. nothing else. You do not need a divine presence to establish how the newly evolving cities of the second millenium BCE need to regulate behaviour for orderly coexistence or as we think of it now, neighbourliness. In the absence of a policeforce, what was needed was some sort of lever to persuade the populace to comply. Step in the priestly classes with the threat of divine retribution for sinners, thereby, At a stroke giving them power and contol over the populace. Its been so for four thousand years but times they are a changing. Increasing numbers of people are no longer prepared to swallow the line put out by the Abrahamic religions. The religios might complain but Justice Munby was only pointing out the obvious.

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