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Sunday 16 March 2014

MH370 and Schrödinger's cat

In the hyperthetical  'Schrödinger's cat' experiment an ill fated cat is placed in a sealed box with a phial of poison alongside a trigger mechanism. A radioactive source emits at random a burst of radiation that breaks the phial. The question is this; at any time is the cat alive or dead? Is there a state where both possibilities are correct? The question can only be resolved by a human being opening the box and looking.
This experiment is being played out live in the missing Malaysian aircraft MH370 incident. The aircraft has disappeared without trace leaving distraught relatives unsure whether their loved ones are alive or dead. As far as they are concerned they are both alive and dead at the same time and again only human intervention can determine the result of the 'experiment'. The original 'cat' was part of an exercise in quantum mechanics but MH370 is a real life tragedy. We can only hope that the poison is contained and for a happy outcome.

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