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Monday 7 April 2014

Celebrity ghosts

A report in the Daily Mail describes instances of ghostly encounters by celebrity authors. see here.
It is clear from the published comments that despite there being millions of instances of 'paranormal' activity from the beginnings of civilization, sceptics abound; their intelligence incapable of accepting anything their brain cannot immediately countenance.
My position is clear: ghosts exist and as well as describing two instances of 'paranormal' activity, I give a possible explanation of how they might manifest themselves in my book, 'SPIRITUAL MAN: an INTRODUCTION to NEGATIVE DIMENSIONS'. Available for download for the price of a pint from Amazon here

Simply put, I demonstrate that the universe must be a duality, the one we experience and another, described by negative dimensions including time that suffuses our very existence. Immiscible, the two parts of our universe are separated by an interface I call the 'Veil of Reality' and it is here that phantasmal visions may occur.

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