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Thursday 3 April 2014

The establishment

Last night Nigel Farage in his debate with Nick Clegg, appealed to the UK electorate to overthrow the 'establishment'. Farage played his part by demolishing the leader of the Liberal Democrats, Nick Clegg, a smug man who repeatedly used poor statistics to cover the paucity of his arguments. As an example he had no answer to the question of the 'Democracy' of the EU since its leaders were unelected. His Party must wonder where the hell they go from here, their policies and beliefs totally at odds to the feelings of the UK people.
By 'establishment' one assumes that Farage was referring to the two party system that leads to a permanent presence in the House of Commons that becomes, in turn, a Club of such an intermingling of mutual interests that it is almost impossible for a new party to break in.
An example of the arrogance of these parliamentarians was revealed today when the Culture Minister, Maria Miller, was forced to apologise to the House for being obstructive in the investigation of her false accounting of her expenses. She claimed it was an oversight and the Investigation accepted this in their 100 page report, compiled over a year due to her prevarication. The whole episode stinks of complicity in the alleged fraudulent misuse of the public purse. Miller's apology was the minimum required and delivered in such a totally insincere manner that one was astonished at the 'neck' of these people. Moreover to demonstrate the 'Club' mentality the Prime Minister, despite her misappropriation of taxpayer's money, spoke in support of his minister. She'd have been sacked in any other walk of life and possibly locked up, honest error or otherwise.
The sooner the UK electorate vote in Farage and get rid of these career politicians with their self interested posturing the better.

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