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Tuesday 6 May 2014

Asthma relief

A report shows that three people a day on average needlessly die of asthma. Many more suffer acute symptoms that cause great distress to themselves and those around them. Sufferers feel helpless and in great fear of imminent death leading to panic that greatly exacerbates the attack. I know because it happened to me in the fifties. I survived because a neighbour recommended that I lay down and relaxed in an effort to control my breathing before the ambulance arrived. It isn't easy when you are literally fighting for breath and your life.
I still suffer from asthma but thanks to my medihaler I can alleviate the symptoms immediately. When I was younger the asthma 'season' coincided with the hay fever season but these days the condition comes and goes on a daily basis. I live in Spain where you can buy a medihaler over the counter in a pharmacy for a few Euros. I always carry one with me and keep others around the home to use whenever the need arises. I suggest the UK authorities, if they are serious about helping asthma sufferers allow the sale of medihalers without prescription from chemists.

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