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Saturday 14 June 2014

Rape as a war crime.

While the Ukraine was being invaded by Russia and Iraq was being overrun by the most militant Jihadists on the planet, the UK's Secretary of State at the Foreign office, Hague, was hobnobbing with someone called Jolie in the cause, if I understand this right, of making rape a war crime. I sometimes wonder if these people are of this world. Ms Jolie said that the rape was not about sex but power. Really! To cap it all this silly woman has been made a 'Dame' in the Queen's birthday honours.
The only crime in war is war itself. The mistakes that lead to war are always caused by the politicians and State leaders, not the people who pay for the folly with their lives. Once war is  joined, not necessarily declared, it should be and is prosecuted with maximum vigour. There should be no middle ages sense of chivalry, no Marquis of Queensbury rules, no Geneva convention because they are frankly a waste of time when there is no prize for coming second. In war shit happens, including rape. Whilst Hague postured, the terrorists in Iraq were slaughtering their opposition committing outrage after outrage with beheadings and crucifiction. Rape is one of the spoils of war; to the victor, the prize and one of the prizes is unbridled and gratuitous release of sexual tensions. Telling a conqueror that rape is a war crime is as much use as suggesting that the taking of rings and jewellery from the war dead is theft.

Instead of wasting his time and taxpayers money hosting vanity projects, Hague and his fellow conspirators should get real and tackle those who foment war at the outset and, importantly, address the issue of worldwide disrespect for woman, especially in Asia. That, I suggest, and the causes of female vilification, is a far more worthwhile project for la Jolie and she should start with the worst perpetrator, religion.

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