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Wednesday 11 June 2014

Who do your children take after? Part 2

In  part 1 I discussed the genealogical connection between the Old Testament Patriarch, Enoch and Jesus and wondered if nature always went back 70 or so generations when establishing the characters of new babies or is it a random time-scale?
Maybe it was this that the scribes were trying to tell us when they wrote psalm 90. Verse 1: 'Lord you have been our dwelling-place throughout all generations'. And in verse 10: 'The length of our days is seventy years-or eighty, if we have the strength'. Have the scribes not told the whole story again?
Perhaps they had something to say, besides our life span, about the importance of generations, particularly between the seventieth and eightieth. Can it be a coincidence that  besides the seventy generations between Enoch and Jesus there are eighty generations between Ishmael, first born son of the Patriarch Abraham and the Prophet Muhammed.
This may be significant. In the light of the Arab Spring and the resurgence of Jihad, could it be another coincidence that seventy generations have now passed since the days of the Prophet Muhammed, 1400 or so years ago. Are youngsters today, all over the world, being born with the characters (souls) of men (and women) who in their day were jihadists fighting for their new religion and has nature, using 'unreal' time, now imbued today's youngsters with a religious fervour their parents don't recognise in themselves?

What of the line of King David? If my theory is correct there should have been born in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries children with the characteristics inherited from Jesus' siblings if not from the Man himself. It may have heralded the 'second coming'. Who were they? Did they surface? Were they pious and do good works? It wouldn't come as a surprise because, remember,  the Book of Ecclesiastes tell us: 'There is nothing new under the sun'. It was a momentous time for Christianity with bibles becoming available in Europe, Henry VIII's reformation and the later Council of Trent's opposition to Protestantism. However there was no one who stood out as a Christian or Jewish prophet and we will have to wait another forty generations for the opportunity to arise again. Unless, that is, we consider Joan of Arc, born cerca 1412. Born of a peasant family she had visions of the Archangel Michael and was later pronounced a martyr and beatified. Another 'Prophet' announced himself in the nineteenth century, however: Baha'u'llah, leader of the Baha'i faith, claimed to be a direct descendant of Abraham, some 145 generations later demonstrating yet again the seventieth/eightieth generation connection.

If I am right, next time you look at little Johnnie and wonder who he takes after, you might have to cast your mind back seventy generations to the early dark ages for clues; but beware, sometimes the family genealogy may come as big a surprise as the little character you've brought into the world.


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