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Friday 8 August 2014

Decline of Golf

I learn that the game of golf has been in decline during the last decade. It seems that people cannot justify the cost or more importantly the time to pursue a hobby that makes demands on both resources and other family commitments.
It is a trend I recognised in 2005 and invented my short putting game called 2-Ball Golf and a later version, Marble Golf.
Both games differed from 'Crazy' or 'Mini' golf in needing skill and strategy, but introduced before the recession I assume the public were not ready for this innovation. However, the games do not take five or six hours to play nor do they take four miles of walking to endure,  an attraction that will be immediately recognised by some golfers, not least the retired and infirm.
If any one out there in cyberland wishes to help me in resurrecting the scheme, please contact me but in the meantime go to  or   here  for more information.

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