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Thursday 23 October 2014

Why do people have tattoos?

A young woman teacher was sent home from a school for showing too much tattoed flesh and sporting facial piercings. Naturally, she is upset and doubtless at a loss to explain why people object to what she thinks of as exquisite body art.
Why do people feel the need to decorate and violate their bodies in this way when it seems to defy logic?
It is my belief (See my book: Spiritual man: An Introduction to Negative Dimensions), that this woman felt compelled to act as she did because the character she was born with, the one she was given when her brain was being loaded with data from her parents heritage, was a character from a location and culture that admired body art. This character may have lived many generations ago in a population that accepted body art and piercings as a way of life. I believe that it is still popular in South Pacific islands.
Sadly for this woman her need to violate her perfect body is not appreciated by her colleagues and bosses who see her habit as outdated tribalism belonging to a by-gone age and culture likely to provoke unease in her young and impressionable students. Sadly, her character, despite being nurtured in the twenty-first century, persists in showing traits from a previous life. It is why children often disappoint parents who expect their offspring to match their own immediate aspirations, never better demonstrated than in the family of the recently deceased Duke of Marlborough who famously threatened to disinherit his son, thought of as a family bête noir.

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