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Tuesday 4 November 2014

From whence cometh evil?

A schoolboy of sixteen pleaded guilty this week to murdering a schoolteacher, Ann Maguire, in front of her class, stabbing her half a dozen times. He was fifteen at the time and has expressed no remorse for the killing since, expressing himself content with the outcome.
The judge sentenced the boy to life imprisonment, serving at least twenty years for the 'brutal and cowardly attack'.
The boy, from a middle class background had been planning an attack for some time but was popular and seemingly hard working student. It is likely that he will never be released.
So, his parents, no doubt themselves traumatised by the affair must ask themselves; 'from whence cometh the evil?'
It is my contention that the embryonic child's nascent brain is filled with life giving data using the 'unreal' or negative dimension of time. Amongst this data is a personal character lifted, possibly at random, from the DNA of either parent and whilst some physical characteristics such as hair and eye colour may come from close relatives, the character may be generations old. Of course, the nature of this character (akin to a 'soul') will be unknown and may turn out, despite nurturing in the twenty-first century, to be evil as well as good. In other words, the parents should feel no guilt about bringing up a monster; it is my contention that the child would mature in keeping with the character he was born with despite their best efforts.
for more information on 'unreal' time, see my book: Spiritual Man: An Introduction to Negative Dimensions.

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