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Tuesday 16 December 2014

I had a visit

I had some Jehovah Witnesses round the other day. One lady asked if I believed in a personal God? I told them to repent and stop peddling their myths and superstitions amongst the vulnerable public. The lady went off promising to send someone cleverer than her the next time, clearly feeling incapable of discussing the Paradox of Epicure, the flood story narrated in the Epic of Gilgamesh or indeed the the Gnostic gospels. Not surprising really as JWs are not encouraged to read anything that does not appear, and is therefore endorsed, in the 'Watchtower'. Her feeling of inadequacy might be addressed by her superiors in the way that God encouraged Jeremiah when he protested that he couldn't spread the gospel because he had no words to use. God touched his lips and told him to fear not as the words would be there when he opened his mouth unlike the case with our poor Witness.

Two days later a hundred children are slaughtered in a school in Pakistan by Taliban jihadists. What links the two? Faith with not an iota of common sense. It's no good trying to persuade the 'Witnesses' that there is more to life than blind faith and to look for truth elsewhere and the same applies to Islamic fundamentalists who believe only what their Imams teach them from a strict interpretation of the Qu'ran.
The Witnesses preach the imminent end of the world with Armageddon as we entered the 'last Days' in 1914. The Taliban and their allies want any early fulfilment to this prophesy with a policy of women and children first. I despair of the Abrahamic religions.

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