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Tuesday 23 December 2014

The Pope is critical of the Curia

In a blog I posted in October, I suggested that the Roman Catholic and Anglican Churches may be preparing the way for a fundamental shift in their positions regarding belief. see; here

Now we learn that that Pope Francis has openly criticised the Curia of sinful behaviour, vanity before duty, cupidity before spiritual devotion, self aggrandisement before humility; that sort of thing. I can't help feeling that there is a sense of something happening here with global implications and the Pope is laying out the groundwork. The Archbishop of Canterbury I feel sure will be complicit in what is about to happen; not immediately perhaps but in time for the 1700 year anniversary of the Council of Nicaea in 2025.
Who can tell, but knowing how the Vatican works should warn the Pontiff to watch his back. His position as 'Vicar of Christ' will not protect him from a vengeful Curia.

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