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Tuesday 13 January 2015

Weaponisation of the NHS

The Labour Party leader, Mr. Ed Miliband is short of topics on which he can challenge the coalition Government. The economy is recovering, unemployment is down, business confidence is up and Mrs May seems impregnable at the Home Office leaving him with very little to talk about if you disregard the dubious question of the standard of living. I say dubious because they really must have rummaged about amongst the statistics to find anything grim amongst all the relatively good news, especially since all the bad news came as a consequence of the last Labour Government. Remember the note left by the outgoing Socialist Treasury Minister, Liam Byrne, after the last election, apologising that all the money had gone.
Now, it seems, Miliband has turned his attention to that good old standby the NHS urging his Party to weaponise the health service in the fight for votes. Never mind that the NHS in Wales is failing under a Labour administration, never mind the debacle of the Mid Staffs Hospital on Andy Burnham's watch, never mind that the privatisation of the NHS was began by the same man at Hitchingbrookes. These facts are conveniently ignored as the Party arms itself for battle. Not for them a policy of promoting enterprise, creating jobs, attracting inward investment that will benefit the economy. No; the Labour Party is battling on a front line consisting of an institution that deals with sick, unproductive people at considerable, almost LIMITLESS cost to the taxpayer. Of course it is important to many, particularly the old and vulnerable but to make it the number one priority in reaching out to the electorate suggests a Party devoid of talent, devoid of ideas, pinning their hopes on a gullible and uneducated core vote. The Lemmings voting for the Lemming Party.

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