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Wednesday 11 March 2015

Gravity waves.

Last night (10/3/2015) the BBC's Horizon programme gave viewers an update on the search for gravity waves, the looked for proof of cosmologist, Alan Guth's, theory of inflation in the very early universe. The programme focussed on the work at the 'Bicep 2' telescope and the Planck satellite as they scoured the universe for evidence of  B-Mode polarisation, the tell-tale fingerprint of gravity waves. Despite many years of searching, at extremely high cost, in sites such as the South Pole, no conclusive evidence has been found of this product of the 'Big Bang'. I may have the reason.
In my theory of the Universal Creation, a duality, as postulated by Plato and later by Immanuel Kant, was formed from nothing (See my book: SPIRITUAL MAN: AN INTRODUCTION TO NEGATIVE DIMENSIONS). These two parts of the universe act homeostatically, the 'unreal' part pervading the other in the way the old medium the 'ether' is supposed to have done. According to my theory this 'unreal' part of the universe is dominated by matter defined by negative and complex dimensions, the latter characterised by the factor, the square root of minus one. It can be shown that the force of gravity acts over both parts thereby diminishing its strength in our ('real') part of the universe compared with the other forces of nature.
If gravity waves exist, and I am open minded about Guth's vision of inflation, then their non-appearance may be due to the fact that those produced in the 'unreal' part of the universe cancel out  exactly those created in the other by a process called 'interference'.

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