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Thursday 28 May 2015

Blair's resignation

Tony Blair has resigned from his post as Middle-East envoy representing the quartet composed of the US, UN, EU and Russia. It's about time; as in everything he does, the Middle East has deteriorated into hell on earth under Blair.
Why do people listen to him? It's a question many people are asking in much the same way that people are asking why FIFA is allowed to prosper under leaders that more resemble charlatans  and shysters rather than statesmen.

Could it be that Blair is clearing his desk in the full knowledge that when the much delayed Chilcot report is published, he will be found responsible for much of the blood that has been spilled. Could it be that Blair is headed for a fate even his appalling wife cannot deflect with her Human Rights brief?
Could it be that he is securing his property, hiding his money ahead of possible prosecution?

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