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Monday 4 May 2015

Brand endorses Miliband

You may have seen Brand's recent video exhorting Miliband and Labour. If not you can see it here:

Russell Brand has a reputed worldwide following of one million people. His pronouncements influence people which is why he should be careful what he says. Fortunately the people he most touches are the very young and the very stupid; unfortunately, some of these have the vote.
In an election where statistics are bandied about like confetti, we should stick to facts. Socialism NEVER works. It sounds good and ethical but the reality is we are not born equal and the strong (clever) will always prevail. That is not to say that social justice is dead in the water but the populace must treat promises of equality as a falsehood.
Democracy also sounds good and ethical, but it too is flawed because it allows the (many) weak to dilute the vote of those who can make informed decisions in the National interest. Democracy allows one man, one vote without weighting for intelligence. The insane are denied the vote but why are Socialists who suffer the same problem allowed their say? 'Insane' you protest!. Who else would vote for a Party that in 1976 brought the UK economically to the brink and had to be rescued by the IMF. Only the mad or stupid. Who else would vote for a Party that so overspent the budget in 2010 that Liam Byrne, the Labour Treasury Minister admitted that no money was left, leaving the Country effectively bankrupt.  Only the mad or stupid.
I'm not advocating that people should vote for the Tories; only that people should not vote for Left wing parties and that includes the Greens and SNP.  Far better to vote for Nigel Farage and  shake the whole system up with the long term aim that the people who lead the country do not represent factions within the community but only act in the interest of the NATION.

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