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Thursday 13 August 2015

ISIS spread to SE Asia

There is news that terror group ISIS have recruited 10,000 followers and potential jihadists in South East Asia, Malaysia, the Phillipines and Indonesia. This comes as no surprise since there has been trouble at the Malaysia-Thailand border for years as Islamic groups attempt to disrupt life in the five provinces closest to the border.
However, this is a very disturbing development, truly threatening peace on earth on a global scale. It is time to get tough with the Abrahamic religions before it is too late. Because it will be impossible to convince Muslims of the non-existence of God without treating Christians and Jews the same, the whole question of faith in mythological 'beings' must be addressed.

We may have some help in this from an unexpected corner.

Pope Francis has recently cast doubts on the historic perception of the nature of God and Archbishop Welsby has previously shown an element of pragmatism on the same question. see previous posts:

To totally overturn over two thousand years of wisdom is not done lightly but the time has come to educate once and for all a reluctant audience that there is no, never was and never will be a God of Abraham. Once this has been achieved and all the imams and priests 'defrocked' the cloak of religion will be removed from the jihadists exposing them for the criminal terrorists they are.

Readers might like to read my book: Spiritual Man: An Introduction to Negative Dimensions, for proofs of the non-existence of God

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