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Thursday 24 March 2016

An unholy alliance

The priestly classes will tell you that everything that can be learnt is already known, that 'there is nothing new under the Sun'. The Bible or the Qu'ran contain the answer to everything; it just needs to be uncovered because, for some reason, not all the messages are obvious. Indeed the book of Revelation insists that if anyone presumed to add or subtract information they would see hell. The followers of Islam tell us that their Holy Book makes all other books superfluous. They argue that all other books either agree or disagree with the Qu'ran but either way they are irrelevant and should be burnt.

Science, on the other hand, tells us that with the Big Bang all space and time was created. The universe contains the totality of all information, requiring us only to interpret it. It strikes me that both stances amount to the same thing and we have an unholy alliance between those who advocate Faith and those who demand empiricism.

The trouble is that both are leading humanity down a cul de sac of ignorance. 100 years of the Big Bang has not delivered the Theory of Everything and religion has led followers to to be more violent towards each other resulting in discord amongst the nations and hatred amongst the people. It's time for a new approach. It's time for Spiritual Man and the Davies Hypothesis. My idea that the universe is still being created and that coalescence with other universes occurs means that there is no limit on possible information being made available. Surely this makes more sense!

see here

Yesterday in a bizarre coincidence, the BBC aired a program on the Big Bang whilst the Islamic forces of evil were bombing Brussels. It seems we never learn.

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