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Sunday 3 April 2016

Steel and Thorium

There is a threat to the UK steel industry, assailed on many sides, which could result in the end of steel production at, for instance, Port Talbot in South Wales. One of the main problems is the high cost of energy, necessary for the operation of blast furnaces and other processes integral to all metal industries such as extrusion and rolling. The energy industry is also at a time of upheaval as the UK moves away from fossil fuels and towards renewables and nuclear power.
Followers of this blog will know that I am a keen fan of more research into Thorium nuclear energy. Would it be a good idea for the UK government to build an experimental thorium reactor at Port Talbot so that both the energy and the steel industries benefit, with spare energy being fed into the National Grid. This would benefit the UK steel industry but also catapult the UK into the lead in thorium technology, giving rise to the opportunity of enormous foreign exports. Instead of importing French nuclear energy we could be selling them the latest reactors. Why not?
Tough times need tough and bold decisions.

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