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Thursday 26 May 2016


On the day that The Office of National Statistics announced that immigrants to the UK totalled a third of a million, the Labour Party together called 'Leave' campaigners' claim that immigration levels were unmanageable as being 'alarmist'.
They would, wouldn't they. Despite not being able to explain where all these people live, how they might get school places for the children or appointments to see a doctor they all agree that immigration is a good thing. But surely not in these numbers unless you need these folk to vote for you in the next General Election. Let's face it they need all the votes they can get and this seems their best bet in the Corbynista era. Even better, the immigrants can be housed in solid Tory constituencies but I can't see the good people of Witney accepting too many.
Even Corbyn, formerly a Brexit supporter has changed his tune having recognised that the best hope for the Labour Party is to have a socialist EU. He can then rejoice with unbridled glee as the French trades unions riot on the streets of Paris and the air traffic controllers cause chaos for travellers.
This dream of a socialist ideal in Europe can take comfort in what has happened in Venezuela where the Country, with enormous oil reserves, is on the brink of total failure due to the Socialist governance of Chavez and his successor.

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