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Saturday 2 July 2016

National Theatre - Ghost Soldiers

On the hundredth year anniversary of the start of the battle of the Somme, an extraordinary event took place in the UK. Organised by the National Theatre under the guise of the secret Project Octagon, volunteers around the country were dressed as first world war Tommies and sent out to inform the world. Each 'Tommie' was equipped with cards to give out, each bearing the name and regiment of one of those nineteen thousand plus who fell on the first day.
What an amazing display, not only in its execution but in its conception and planning. The National Theatre needs to be applauded for its collective effort and those who conceived the idea, like those behind the poppies at the tower, recognised for their ingenuity. Make no mistake, this was another example of what makes the UK so great. The skill and artistry of its people cannot be matched anywhere in the world, something that should be acknowledged by those who believe that the UK cannot go it alone. Well done all of you at the National Theatre.

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