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Friday 30 September 2016

Gratuitous sex and violence on television

In Sept 2014 I blogged about the regretful escalation of scenes of gratuitous sex and violence on television. see  here

Last night, viewers complained about the gruesome contents of the new BBC drama, 'Fall' and the too graphic display on the soap, 'Emmerdale'. They follow on a long list of recent dramas that have shocked viewers as the producers forsake decency in the quest for brutal reality. Also on last night was another drama, called, 'Paranoid'. I guess there was a clue in the name and I wouldn't watch, but who do? What sort of people want to watch these pictures of gratuitous sex and violence? not those who regularly used to watch Poirot or Midsummer where murder and mayhem could be skilfully portrayed in a manner suitable before the watershed hour.
Come on TV programmers! Let's have some watchable programmes, like Morse, requiring something resembling a brain to understand the nuances of a plot without a need to witness the crime. Do your advertisers demand 'X' rated shows? Who then? Perverts, criminals and psychopaths?
You could do worse than look to dramatise my own work; merely a suggestion of course.

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