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Tuesday 11 October 2016

Driverless cars. Pods

The Government seem committed to introducing driverless cars, pods, on Britain's roads within a decade.

In my book, 'The Lamb at Nettlesham' the following passage appears

Press release by the honourable Charles Fanshaw, Minister of Transport.

"As the nation's wealth increases so more and more citizens will own and run their own cars. It is simply unfeasible to keep on building more and more roads to accommodate all these extra cars. It is proposed therefore that by 2025 all private free wheeling transport will be prohibited. Instead people will be able to own their own pods."

It is true the current 'real' proposals allow pods to be free wheeling rather than constrained by rails as in my prediction but much will be common to both ideas. Drink and driving will be a thing of the past; so too speeding. No need for police pods. Stolen cars can be redirected to the nearest police station.

For more of my prediction please read my book, available as a paperback or for download to kindle or kobo for not much more than the cost of a pint.

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