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Monday 9 January 2017

Is Michelle Obama also a twit

I recently wrote that I thought Prince Charles was a twit for his ambition to be 'defender of faith' rather than 'defender of the faith' on his gaining the throne. Now I see that he has been followed by Michelle Obama in imagining that a future of coexisting faiths will lead to a better, more integrated and cohesive society. Is she also being a twit?
Mrs Obama, in her valedictory speech urged the young to have hope that in the future there will be greater tolerance of faith, colour and creed. Since faith (in religious doctrine) and creed are similar, she is essentially talking about race and religion. Again, she is being more than optimistic if she believes that all the followers of Islam will want to dilute their devotions by identifying with heretics or even Muslims from the wrong tribe.
It won't be easy reducing tensions in the world, life remains a matter of survival of the fittest, but we can't even begin to make things better if world leaders continue with their self delusion, their worthless rhetoric, often to garner votes, and their incessant urge to sweep the inconvenient truths under the carpet.

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