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Sunday 19 February 2017

Open Britain

Following the speech of Tony Blair asking the British people to  force the Government to hold a second referendum and the appearance of Mandelson on the Marr show today, it is difficult not to think that these two are preparing for the introduction of a new centre-left political Party, Open Britain. They are awaiting the outcome of the two by-elections being held this week when Corbyn's Labour Party are expected to do badly, possibly losing one or both seats.
Who the hell do they think they are? Both men, despised by huge swathes of people from both ends of the political spectrum and wider aspects of life, brought, in their way, the whole of Westminster into disrepute. Indeed many think that Blair, in particular, should be languishing in jail for his part in the Iraq War. You'd have thought both men would have learned to keep their mouths well and truly shut.
So, one can't help but imagine that this movement is not being wheeled out for the benefit of the people of the United Kingdom but has more to do with the machinations of two men who only have self interest at heart. But what can it be? As Europe fails over the next few years do these chancers see opportunity in the chaos...

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