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Wednesday 8 March 2017


Lord Heseltine has been sacked by the Conservative party for his stance on Brexit. He voted in favour of amendments to the bill allowing the Prime Minister to trigger article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, the precursor of the UK's leaving the EU. These amendments were designed, despite arguments to the contrary, to delay or obstruct the process of leaving the EU whilst simultaneously pushing for a second referendum they hoped would overturn the first. It was a cynical ruse, using the spurious claim that Brexiteers wanted to return sovereignty to the British Parliament, therefore it follows that Parliament should vote on the final terms, rather than allow the Government of the day to act on behalf of the Nation.

His preoccupation with the European Union suggests that he clearly has NO faith in the British people being able to cope on their own and NO belief that the Country can function better without the cloying bureaucracy of the European red tape. Many people will view his stance of having no confidence in the British, as one of giving comfort to an enemy, as one bordering on the treacherous.

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