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Thursday 7 September 2017


Jacob Rees-Mogg is something of a rarity these days; a man of principle, who can be relied upon to faithfully do his duty and follow the rules according to his code of ethics. He has attracted some opprobrium for his opposition to gay marriage but more particularly his refusal to accept abortion under any circumstance, even after rape by a family member, in accordance with his Church's position on the sanctity of life. But none of this really matters.

What is troubling though, is the question of why an intelligent man, in the 21st century, still steadfastly has faith in the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church when common sense should tell him to follow a different path. It could be that Rees-Mogg's inherited character is so entrenched with religious fervour he is immune to the nurturing impact of modern times. This would be in accordance with my belief of inherited characters or souls. see: here

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