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Wednesday 18 October 2017

Did Germanistas ever exist

At a time when untold opprobrium and scorn is poured on one section of society for their alleged brutality and bigotted opinion it is appropriate to think of another time in our history when these factions raised their ugly head. Today, I'm not talking about the right wing groups like EDL who have hardly killed anyone but of the followers of Islam who have slaughtered hundreds in the UK without anyone mentioning proscription. The claim is that Islam is a religion of peace and that the militant terrorists should be described as islamists to distinguish them.
But, fundamental or not, they are still followers of Islam and they pose a threat to all Western values and culture. Of course there are friendly Muslims who wish to blend into their new surroundings but it is, I suggest, beholden on them all to do more to adopt the native way of life; not the other way round. Going back to an earlier time, there were nice families living in Dresden, say, that harboured no bad feelings towards the UK, but we didn't need to label the warmongers as Germanistas to distinguish them from the peace loving tribes. They were all bombed in a 'Kill them all; let God sort them out' push for victory. We are in danger of allowing the do-gooders with their human rights to squash peoples' legitimate concerns that the authorities are too lax in their concern for Islamic proselytising and expansion.

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