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Wednesday 13 December 2017

A Tale of Two Tribes

The new Labour Muslim Network, headed by an activist who allegedly said that 'Israel had no right to exist', seeks to reinforce the push by the socialists to secure the UK Muslim vote. They know that if they can gather the support of the Imams they will be able, by virtue of the tribal structure of Muslim communities, to influence the voting intentions of their community.
Another tribe that won't accept opinion other than  that espoused by the leader, no matter how wrong, are the followers of Manchester United. Their leader, the Manager, Mourinho, described the celebrating, victorious Manchester City players as 'educationally diverse', a euphemism no doubt for his pejorative response to defeat. (Result: United 1- 2 City). In both instances, the tribe will not accept that they are wrong in their belief that they are the chosen ones. In Mourinho's view, City cheated and had luck and the officials on their side. In the past, when Muslims won their battles, God was with them but when they lost, he was merely 'testing' them. No setback would deflect them from their belief.
Now the Labour Party under their 'messiah' Corbyn conveniently ignores that throughout the globe most conflicts involve Muslims. From Burma and Thailand in Asia, to Europe and today in the US it is the followers of Islam who are responsible, whereas as far as I know, Israel only protects its borders. But no, Corbyn and other supporters of terrorists such as the IRA and Hamas cannot see the carnage that Islam has inflicted on the Middle East, nor can Mourinho accept that he and his team were well beaten at the weekend. Different scales, I know, but the same problem due to entrenched views, a consequence of the natural 'Rule of Two. see:

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