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Sunday 7 January 2018

Gut feelings

A recent article in the Daily Mail.
How human brains are interconnected through a type of 'wi-fi' which explains why people have 'gut feelings'
Prof Digby Tatum of the University of Sheffield has been studying how the human brain can 'communicate'
He believes the brain is quietly and constantly absorbing information on people
His research suggests that this process is the concept behind 'gut feelings'
Prof Tatum warned that video calls could interrupt these complex routines 

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Gut feelings are, I suggest, the result of the brain's functioning in the three dimensions of time, a manifestation of human (and other animal's) consciousness, particularly to do with risk assessment..
'Unreal' time searches the data base of our memory, triggered by 'real' time observation or sensing of circumstances or environment. The results are fed to the parts of the brain operating in 'imaginary' time, responsible for dreaming, the ineffable traits such as love, appreciation of the arts and discernment of the abstract. Here decisions are made about response; balanced judgements that stimulate the mode of action or none. Gut feelings sense some recognition, either in the memory of the subject or that of their inherited ancestors without acute definition of the exact nature of the risk.
For more details i refer the reader to:  The Davies hypothesis

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