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Tuesday 30 January 2018

Rise of militant left

News recently that the UK Labour Party are offering reduced entry fees to an East midlands rally for those non-white, ethnic minority, gender neutral or otherwise supposedly disadvantaged people. They boast of a Europe wide membership of 600,000, the largest in the world and it is now clear how they hope to build up this figure preying on the dissatisfaction of huge swathes of people including the young with votes for 16 yr olds. It is no wonder then, that the Labour party leadership courts the Muslim vote by supporting the Palestinians, it is no wonder that it mobilises the so called anti-fascist league against those whites genuinely worried about the loss of Western values. It is no wonder that they motivate the anti-slavery brigade to confront big businesses that once traded in Africa and the Caribbean, whilst simultaneously denigrating those decent ordinary white van men that fly the flag.
The rise of a more aggressive strategy is evident. Recent anti-fascist attacks on peaceful right wing marches have provoked a great deal of violence, reminiscent of the Orgreave flying pickets. The rise of Corbyn and McDonell's Momentum movement is nothing short of building a private, 'militia' force, already threatening the removal of Parliamentarians that do not fully subscribe to their vision of a Totalitarian Socialist State. How is it being done? By mobilisation tactics that utilise modern social media to quickly gather to suppress such as local, legal, hunt meetings or support 'rainbow' causes.
What will a Labour government look like? Well there are clues, Labour run welsh NHS is in even worse straits that that Nationally, whilst the Labour Lord Mayor of London has failed on most if not all his electoral promises. But that is nothing compared with the disbandment of the military, Nationalised economy including the banks, outlawing of opposition parties, best friend status with Venezuela and North Korea etc etc etc. We have been warned.

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