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Tuesday 10 July 2018

A football book that is readable

Austin & Macauley, the publishers described my novel, 'The George at Bustington', the third of, so far, three novels based on coaching inns in the beautiful Saigh Valley, as an 'enjoyable and engaging' read. They offered to publish the book for a fee beyond my pensioner resources so now as we await with eager anticipation the final games of the 2018 World Cup, I wish to promote my book about the players and staff of Bustington Wanderers football club.
The story is not about the game, although it crops up from time to time, it tells the personal stories, often addressing the taboos of both football  and life such as homosexuality, incest, racism and the supernatural, glued together by a background miasma of greed and corruption in the 'beautiful game' itself.
The book is available as a softback through Amazon or as an ebook for Kindle or Kobo, for the cost of a couple of pints at most.
The George at Bustington

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