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Friday 6 July 2018

National shame

The performance of the Colmbian football players in their match against England should be a matter of National shame. Their repeated fouling, arguing with the officials, despoiling of the penalty spot, headbutting, shoulder barging of English players as they left the pitch amounted to a disgrace which FIFA should address. That Maradonna a former Argentine player should immediately claim that the South Americans had been robbed was typical. He later retracted the statement but it only served to highlight the atrocious sportsmanship of the Colombian side and the insanity of 'the Hand of God', himself.
Talking of National shame, the British will welcome US President Trump shortly with mass demonstrations, stupid balloons and a ban on visiting Sheffield. The President is the leader of the UK's greatest allies, the man we would turn to if we needed military assistance, the man we talk to to establish trade arrangements, yet we are are set to treat him as a pariah. Why? Because the Mayor of  London is the son of immigrants and the Mayor of Sheffield is an immigrant. Where is the voice of the indigenous British people? Why isn't someone telling that sombrero toting idiot in Sheffield that Mexico won't help us.
What is happening to the UK that it is becoming a laughing stock, soon to be ridiculed by the EU for having the temerity to leave the United States of Europe. I can't help but feel sorry that Nigel Farage is leaving the political scene.

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