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Wednesday 8 August 2018

The burqa

The burqa is an all covering dresswear worn principally by Muslim women when not in their homes. It has recently been described, by politician, Boris Johnson, as making women look like bank robbers or letter boxes. Whilst not calling for a ban on their wearing as in other European countries, he suggested they looked ridiculous promoting outrage amongst his detractors and the left-leaning, liberal elite.
Wearing of the burqa is not required by the teachings of Islam, but often insisted upon by husbands out of fear of inciting animal passions in other God fearing Muslim men, which is frowned upon.  In other words, the wearing of the burqa is deemed necessary because Muslim men cannot be trusted to behave in a civilised manner when in public, a fact amply demonstrated by their horrendous treatment of young white girls around the UK. This situation comes about because in Muslim countries men come first and women obey. Women must cover their natural (they might say, God given) beauty because the men cannot be trusted to keep their hands off.

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