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Sunday 21 October 2018

Brexit update

A reported 700,000 people marched in central London, yesterday, demanding a second referendum on the UK's withdrawal from the European Union. They are arguing that the people were not given all the facts of withdrawal and that, indeed, they had been lied to.
The first referendum was the culmination of a legal process, enacted by Parliament with a huge majority, making the result binding on the Government. The referendum simply asked if the people wanted to be in the EU or out of the EU. This is not a difficult question and to suggest that the people were somehow hoodwinked is to accuse them of being ignorant or stupid or both.
Put another way, the question was whether they wanted to be part of an undemocratic political experiment run by an unelected junta with a record of fiscal mismanagement or be part of a democratic sovereign nation able to set its own laws, control its own borders etc etc. The 'remainers' seem incapable of understanding that not only are the people aware of this, they also understand that the europhiles, driving the protest, are part of the problem in facilitating a deal, by weakening the hand of our negotiators.
With regard to the lies, both sides in the referendum campaign were guilty of exageration and obfuscation especially in forecasts of financial well-being. The question of being poorer or happier was not on the ballot paper. nor was the process being straightforward or not. They are irrelevant. So too the difficulties of the Irish border. Whilst not underestimating the strength of feelings in the island of Ireland, it must not be beyond the wit of man to find a solution that preserves peace.
Let the young vote and determine their own future, was another view well aired; another cynical ploy to increase their electorate, sacrificing mature deliberation based on the wisdom of experience for the unripened reason and incomplete education of kids staright out of the sweetie shop.
This internal friction within our sceptred isles has so weakened the position of Mrs May, trying to appease everyone, I fear she may, now, be incapable of striking a good deal, one that is better than no deal. In the end the result of the march will be exactly the opposite of what the 'remainers' intended.

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