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Wednesday 7 November 2018

The caravan and the rule of ten

Donald Trump's contribution to the recent mid-term elections has highlighted the dilemma over the caravan of 30,000 people marching through central America towards the US/ Mexico border.
He has been widely critisised for putting the interests of the Country he presides over before the humanitarian plight of people fleeing hardship and brutality of disfunctional/ criminal Governments.
This is a classic case for the 'rule of ten'. see my post of 2011.

The President has decided that if he accedes to their wishes of entry into the US, he will set a precedent for other caravans to follow. The rule of ten says that: If you don't want ten such caravans you don't allow one.

The problem, it seems to me, would best be addressed by tackling the rogue Governments, the corruption and endemic drug based gangs that fuel it. Empower the ordinary people; promote the idea that evil abounds when good people fail to act.

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