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Wednesday 5 December 2018

Eligibility to stand for public office-update

The MP for Edmonton, Kate Osamor, has stepped down from her post as shadow overseas development officer following the conviction of her son, also employed in the public sector, for drug offences.
This blog has been calling for a change in the eligibility for public office rules, stopping recently arrived families from influencing lives of well established citizens of the UK. The MP is the daughter of immigrants from Nigeria, one of whom, Martha Osamor, has been made a Baroness having been nominated by Jeremy Corbyn to sit in the House of Lords. According to my eligibility tests neither of these people would qualify for their positions, having not been continuously resident in the UK for three generations. It cannot be right that these folk can make representations in positions of power that effect people, some of whom have populated these islands for two thousand years or more; whose families have shaped the culture and tradition of the 'sceptred' isles.

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