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Saturday 13 July 2019

BBC guest presenters at Wimbledon

Why oh why are there so many Americans on the BBC coverage at Wimbledon? Sure, Sue Barker is the lead and excellent she is but why is McEnroe so prominent? Why, too, do we see so much of Navratilova, Chris Evert, Tracy Austen, Pam Shriver etc etc? Are there no other Brits apart from Andrew Castle.

Switched on to BBC's Saturday Morning Kitchen to find the star guest was a Canadian. Are there no Brits available? What is it with the British Broadcasting Corporation that they pay foreigners rather than home grown talent.
Another thing. Can the Beeb make public how many complimentary tickets for Wimbledon they receive and who uses them. Would it not be better if they held a raffle, the tickets being the prizes, for the license payers, the people who pay the exhorbitant salaries of these high executives.

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