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Wednesday 3 July 2019

Protecting police and prison officers

A recent TV program highlighted the rise in assaults on policemen and women. It follows other reports that assaults on prison officers is also on the rise. Often these assaults have devastating long term impacts on people just doing their job of protecting people. In the light of this, why would anyone join either of these services; leaving their homes in the morning not knowing if they'll later return unharmed or return at all? It's a credit to them that they do a difficult job despite politician's determination to go soft on the causes of crime, the perpetrators. They find any excuse including 'human rights' to thwart attempts to incarcerate offenders and keep them locked up. Using tax
payers hard earned money to rehabilitate and otherwise prioritise prisoners welfare ahead of justice for victims.

It's time that MPs recognised the need for personal responsibility in life. If you attack a police or prison officer you will lose your freedom for a minimum of twenty years without chance of parole. No ifs or buts. No excuses. People MUST take personal responsibility. Killing a police or prison officer should be punishable with the death penalty.

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