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Monday 15 July 2019

Trump is correct

President Trump has come under fire for advising a member of the Democratic Party with origins in Somalia to go back and sort out the mess in her dysfunctional Country first before coming back to the US with a solution to America's woes.
He is, of course,  right to do this. Surely it is right that the fortunate, educated and trained folk should seek to help their own first, rather than jump on the nearest lifeboat. It is not racist, it is common sense. What they shouldn't do is interfere in the politics of the host nation. It's rude.
This Blog has advocated that before standing as representatives for local councils and Parliament applicants or their families should have been resident in the UK for more than two and three generations respectively. To my mind it is inconceivable that immigrants, having been in the Country for five minutes, should have a say on the rules that effect those who've lived in the land for many, perhaps hundreds, of generations. Its like being invited, as a newcomer, to one of my dinner parties, say, and telling me how to behave. It's rude and pretentious.

The irony of this is that by following my rules, Donald Trump with a German grandfather and Scottish mother, would never be eligible to become President.

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