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Saturday 7 September 2019

Failings of TV presenters

Each tv presenter and political commentator has his or her merit presenting the 'brexit' problem as they see it, but everyone and I mean everyone fails in the simplest task of holding their mostly 'remainer' guests to account over a fundamental lie. When remainers argue that 'brexit' does not mean leaving without a deal or the public did not vote for poverty or to lose their jobs, they are never challenged. This is a disgrace. The public didn't vote for these things because they were never on the ballot paper. 'In' or 'out' were the only options so why don't the presenters etc point this out and that all other considerations, the opinion of their guests, is irrelevant.
I suggest that this simple mantra should be repeated ad nauseam until these detractors understand that insisting the public didn't understand the binary question is to imply they are stupid, a point which doubtless will be exposed in a General Election

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