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Thursday 12 September 2019


The 'remainer' faction of the British parliament compelled the government to publish details of operation 'yellowhammer' outlining perceived problems to be overcome as the UK leaves the European Union.
Fuelled with a picture of details, these 'remainers' are broadcasting their 'told you so' on every media outlet, neglecting to say that these problems are being addressed by a Minister in order to alleviate the effects after Brexit day. Nobody said it was easy but these 'remainers' seem to conveniently forget that the Government is not responsible for the decision of the people to leave; they are only enacting the democratic decision of the people in the 2016 referendum and to do so in a manner to cause minimum disruption. To suggest that the people were misled in the referendum is tantamount to saying that the people are stupid and it is this that needs to be shouted from the rooftops. Why don't the 'remainers' hold their hands up and admit they lost the referendum and stop trying to frustrate the democratic wishes of the whole of the UK. Their efforts serve only to give comfort to those who dislike the UK and as such could be considered treacherous. Either the people are stupid or the 'remainers' are. Which is to be?

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