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Saturday 21 March 2020


With Spain already in total lockdown and the UK starting on the 20th March, life for everyone is at a different level. It seems as if everyone is fighting for their and their family's life. If this was a global conflict, this virus would be considered a weapon of mass destruction and, presumably, banned by the UN. The Russians are already suggesting that Covid19 ia  a US designed virus, deliberately introduced into China. It may be mischievous speculation but it does point to a very real possibility and act as a blueprint for future terrosism. It also demonstrates that it is a weapon that can run out of control showing no prejudice as to its victims, being equally lethal against friend and foe alike.

With all the pubs and clubs closed down it strikes me that there might be problems for those we refer to as 'ladies of the night'. The old tradition of the lads night out for a beer, a shag and a curry could be a thing of the past but what can these suppliers of special services do in a lockdown. They can hardly tout for business on the street no matter how innocuously. Do they qualify for the newly announced Government grants; will their pimps continue to pay them? Life might never be the same again especially in the special clinics as cases of venereal disease drop.

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