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Monday 25 May 2020

Post Corvid19

As restrictions round the world are lifted we will see the cost of Corvid19 as businesses are irrevocably closed down and peoples dreams are shattered. My blog in March voiced my fears.

In the face of the epidemic, Governments, universally caught unprepared, relying on experts, themselves short of experience, tried to find the best way forward, forever nervous that opposition parties, with the benefit of hindsight, could exploit every wrong turn as a demonstration of the Governments ineptitude. Governments were damned if they did one thing and damned if they didn't. One can't help but think that the lockdown strategy was a compromise whereby some lives would be saved but the National economy was trashed. Was it worth it? 40000 people will have died as a result of Corvid19, roughly four times as many as would have died from normal winter flu but, although devastating on a personal level, still a relatively small figure. Whole industries have been savaged, not least the tourist business leaving many close to bankruptcy. Individuals are faced with ruin having done nothing wrong, having worked hard and followed their dream. Some, sadly, will not come to terms with their loss.
In recent days seven prestigious hotels in Scotland have called in the receivers. They are not alone but what will happen to them? It would be a tragedy if they fall into foreign ownership like so many UK institutions. Waiting to pick up the pieces, the Chinese and cash rich Arab states will circle the scene like predatory raptors, looking for choice titbits to pick up. What a shame!
But wait!. What if this is not the end. What, for example, would happen today if there was an outbreak of Corvid20? Would governments take the same action?

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