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Sunday 2 August 2020

Whose side is the BBC on?

What are the BBC up to? Promoting a story that condemns British forces for alleged killings far from home in Afghanistan years ago. They are following a story narrated by lawyers, disgracefully paid by public funds, to sue the Government for compensation due to alleged crimes and possibly bring charges against individual soldiers.
What do you say? War crimes? War is the only crime; what happens in war is outside the scope of the direct combatants as they concentrate on self preservation. Politicians are the true perpetrators of the crime of war and are seldom held to account whilst the lowly soldiers, ordered to the theatre, away from family and friends shoulder all the responsibility. The Geneva convention is a politician made paper that bears no relation to the true reality of war where survival and victory are paramount.

Why does the BBC do this? Why do they feel it is in the public interest to broadcast this? Why do they not stick up for the brave British fighting men and women, serving in hostile conditions instead of highlighting alleged wrongdoing by grasping foreign chancers and corrupt legal profession. Not only this but they seem to side with all those who wish to find fault with Britain's glorious past, to cast aspersions on the Empire which brought so much good around the world. Why is it that I hear the BBC loud and clear when condemning British involvement in the old slave trade but never a thing about the greater involvement of black Africans. It is almost as if the BBC are going out of the way to promote diversity when the majority of the British people are sick to the back teeth of seeing their Nation denigrated for being too Anglo Saxon. They are sick to the back teeth of immigrants accepting British hospitality and then marching in increasing numbers to change British culture and possibly their legal system, pulling down statues they don't like. Even Churchill is under threat.  
Recent marches by crowds dressed in black, led by the Black Lives Matter brigade allow us to glimpse a future predicted a generation ago by Enoch Powell.

The BBC's eagerness to be all things to all people has gone too far. It should remember who they serve. The British people are tolerant, kind people but they are nearing the end of their tether, despairing with a national broadcaster whose output often goes too far, almost to the point some might call treachery.

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