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Sunday 27 December 2020

Post Brexit expat discontent

 Now that a deal has been reached between the UK and the EU the expats are uneasy. The press is full of reports of people, especially those with overseas property, worried about their and their family's status under the new reality. I imagine that most of these folk are 'remainers' but their frustrations and worries are, I suggest, almost always a case of me, me, me. MY property; MY way of life.

They pay no heed to the majority of home-based Brits, fed up being ruled by a bunch of self-serving, gravy feeding wasters taking huge salaries and even bigger pensions whilst overseeing a scandal ridden economy that no self respecting auditor can sign off. The moaners fret over their own residential status often living in two Countries, anxious to avoid paying tax in either, worried that their little Johnny will not have the advantages of unhindered travel and education. Why do they not think of what is best for the UK and not them? Why do they not imagine that the UK is now better off, free to trade around the world including the many English speaking Commonwealth Countries, unhindered by the masses of red tape that stifle EU  commerce.

I shall be very surprised if the UK under Johnson's leadership does not, after a brief hiatus, go on to shine as opposed to the growing discontent amongst many of the remaining 27 states of the EU, fed up with pandering to the ambitions of the Germans and French. Once again it is the Brits that lead but who will follow?

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