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Friday 8 January 2021


 This blog once had high hopes of the Trump presidency. It held the possibility of political power moving from the hands of career politicians, those who made a living entirely from the public purse, to a man who had lived and thrived in the real world of commerce. Sadly, he also brought to his office the traditions and misconceptions of a tyrant, incapable of compromise or rational debate.

He was right about one thing, though. That in a democracy electoral fraud is not only possible but exists worldwide and almost certainly was present in this presidential election. The price of failure is now so great that desperate measures are taken even in the most advanced nations, especially when the contest is so delicately balanced.

Biden is said to have won with 52% of the vote. Not a big victory; roughly the same as the British vote taking the Country out of Europe by the same margin. 52% for Brexit. This bi-partite stasis gives rise to heightened tension.

This electoral polarisation amply demonstrates my rule of two which states that any natural system, open for options, will eventually settle down to present just two alternatives.


I suggest that this situation could lead to problems in Democratic countries that will not constrain those such as China and Russia where decision making does not involve prolonged debate. That said, the US experiment with a 'supreme' leader did not end well.

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