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Thursday 4 February 2021

When does 'final' mean final

 When does 'final' mean final?

The Trump and Biden administrations have both indicated that the Supreme Court ruling that Mrs Sacoolas cannot be extradited to the UK to stand trial for the killing of Harry Dunne, is 'final'. But of course it is not 'final' for the family of Mr Dunne and nor is it 'final' for Mrs Sacoolas who has admitted in court her liability. Advised by the US government not to voluntarily return to the UK, she recognises her responsibilities to the Dunne family but she also aware she has a duty of care to her own young family. As has been said many times on this blog, Justice is often an impossible  illusion.

Surely it is not beyond the wit of man to find a solution to this tragedy!

Is it not possible for Mrs Sacoolas to stand trial in a UK court established in the grounds of the British Embassy or other agreed place. 

Is it not possible that a plea bargain might result in a non-custodial sentence allowing Mrs Sacoolas to return to her family. Sadly, Mrs Dunne cannot return to her complete family but she will know that the defendant is not a risk to the public and is unlikely to reoffend. It will, however, bring some sort of closure; a 'final' result that everybody can accept.  

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